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Original Stormtrooper is the new website for Shepperton Design Studios and the only website where you can purchase genuine Stormtrooper helmets and armour, created by the original maker Andrew Ainsworth from the original helmet moulds that were used in Star Wars: A New Hope (ANH).
In 1976, prop maker Andrew Ainsworth was approached by fellow creator Nick Pemberton to create the original Stormtrooper costumes used for the first Star Wars movie. He created the prototypes for the helmets and armour, and after approval from Lucas, went into production to create the iconic trooper costumes used in the original films.
The original moulds Andrew used were stored safely in his SDS prop-house and after a near 30 year sleep; they have been dusted off and are once more in use to create the genuine trooper helmets. Now, with the addition of armour, everything is available for sale worldwide today.
From Stormtrooper armour and helmets ready-made, to the E11 Blaster and DIY armour kits, our range is available to buy right here and is dispatched from the UK for sale almost worldwide. 

 If you’re a costumer looking to be the envy of your garrison or a collector wanting the ultimate in memorabilia, Original Stormtrooper is your answer for authentic, replica Stormtrooper and helmets from the iconic film: is the offical portal for Andrew Ainsworth’s Shepperton Design Studios. Featuring all the same high quality products including genuine stormtrooper helmets and costumes. Whether you are a costumer or movie memorabilia collector, you can be sure that our products are as close to the original items seen on screen in Star Wars ANH as it's possible to get.