Original Stormtrooper Standard Helmet
Original Stormtrooper Standard Helmet
Original Stormtrooper Standard Helmet
Original Stormtrooper Standard Helmet
Original Stormtrooper Standard Helmet

Original Stormtrooper Standard Helmet

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A modified version of the Stunt Helmets used on screen, the Standard is an affordable alternative that preserves an incredible level of detail. 

  • High Brow
  • Extended Frown
  • Flat green eye lenses replicate the original on-screen Stunt helmets
  • "Hovi Mix Pa" mic tips cast from original piece

Made of white 2mm Acrylic Capped ABS to match the original film colour tones. 

For more images and information please click this Link to vist our sister site, SHEPPERTON DESIGN STUDIOS.

Code S004
Weight 1kg
Size Once size fits all
Material White 2 mm Acrylic Capped ABS
Finish Glossy
Hand Made YES
EAN 5060453339923
Signed by Andrew Ainsworth NO
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S007H Original Stormtrooper Hero Helmet & Bust 7
S007S Original Stormtrooper Stunt Helmet & Bust 7
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S015 Rebel Pilot (X wing) Hero Helmet 7
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Customer Reviews

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Steve G.
from Wolverhampton
"Purchased many a cheaper helmet over the years. why didn't I just come to SDS originally I will never know as they have always been here and lets face it these are the true one and only originals. The Original helmet arrived and was well packed and protected. This Helmet is the standard model so god knows how the Hero and Stunt ones look as this one alone is fantastic, I'm blown away....top quality product big thanks to everybody at SDS.....The force is strong in,,,,ok you get the picture!!"