Stormtrooper Battle Spec Helmet

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The Battle Spec. Helmet has been developed specifically for Active Trooping using a durable, lightweight ABS. This helmet is based on the 'Original Stunt' model  and has been modified from the original moulds for a better fit. 

  • Moulded parts accurately replicate details of the original Stunt Helmet
  • The asymmetry of the original Stunt has been squared up
  • The back of the helmet is blown up and belled out

Fabricated in white flexible ABS perfect for the wear and tear of costuming & trooping events.

For more images and information please click this Link to vist our sister site, SHEPPERTON DESIGN STUDIOS.

Code SCA002
Weight 0.75kg
Finish Satin
Hand Made YES
Material ABS
Signed by Andrew Ainsworth NO
Size Once size fits all
Everything we sell is handmade, we do our best to keep our most popular items in stock, however please see below for estimated lead times.

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Product Code Product Name Lead Time in Days
G003DC1 Original Stormtrooper GLIMMER OF NEW HOPE 30
DV001 Dark Lord helmet IN STOCK
DV002 Dark Lord Helmet, Body, Bust & Cloak 14
RD001 R2 Droid 60
S003 Original Stormtrooper Hero Helmet IN STOCK
S001 Original Stormtrooper Stunt Helmet IN STOCK
S004 Original Stormtrooper Standard Helmet IN STOCK
S005 ANH Original Stormtrooper Armour IN STOCK
S0053U Original Stormtrooper Ultimate Combo Deal IN STOCK
S0053H Original Stormtrooper Armour & Hero Helmet Combo Deal IN STOCK
S0051S Original Stormtrooper Armour & Stunt Helmet Combo Deal IN STOCK
S0054B Original Stormtrooper Armour & Standard Helmet Combo Deal IN STOCK
S007H Original Stormtrooper Hero Helmet & Bust 7
S007S Original Stormtrooper Stunt Helmet & Bust 7
S007 Original Stormtrooper Standard Helmet & Bust 7
S017 Shadow Trooper Helmet IN STOCK
S019 Shadow Trooper Armour  5
S009 Imperial Navy Helmet IN STOCK
S011 Imperial Gunner Helmet IN STOCK
S002 Imperial Pilot (TIE) Helmet IN STOCK
S006 Imperial Pilot (TIE) Chest IN STOCK
S006C Imperial Pilot (TIE) Helmet & Chest & Breathing Pipe Combo IN STOCK
S012 Rebel Fleet Helmet IN STOCK
S013 Rebel Defender Helmet IN STOCK
S014 Rebel Guard Helmet IN STOCK
S020 Rebel Pilot (X wing) Painted Helmet IN STOCK
S015 Rebel Pilot (X wing) Hero Helmet 7
S016 Rebel Pilot (X wing) Stunt Helmet 7
SCA001 ABS Battle Spec Armour (no helmet) IN STOCK
SCA002 ABS Battle Spec Helmet IN STOCK
SCA003 Battle Spec Armour & Helmet Combo Deal IN STOCK
SCA004 Stormtrooper Battle Spec Armour & Helmet Mega Combo Deal IN STOCK
S018 E11 Film Memorabilia Prop IN STOCK
S018C E11 Blaster Collector Edition IN STOCK

Customer Reviews

5 stars based on 4 reviews
Svein Jessie Eriksen
from Norway
"Nice looking helmet and im very satisfied all over with it! Its affordable, strong and it got some very sharp details. Got two of these helmets one already assembled from the SDS and one kit that i assembled myself, easy to put together and both looks great when finished! Good communication/service and fast shipping! Recommended!"
Jason Jordan
from Australia
"This is the only place worth looking at for authentic Stormtrooper gear. Without ranting on, these guys really went above and beyond with the postage of my Battle-Spec Helmet. It really looks great! Lightweight, and every attention to detail. All the hallmarks of coming from the original mold and it's by the same team that did the originals. If you don't have the time to build your own, this is the only place to go! I mean it. Stop browsing endlessly over the web, you've arrived."
from Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
"Very impressive, they are! Came quick everything did. Will only buy from you. Best customer service experience ever. keep up the great work ! You will not be disappointed!"
from france
"in 3 words : SIMPLY THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"