E11 Blaster
E11 Blaster
E11 Blaster
E11 Blaster
E11 Blaster

E11 Blaster

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A super-accurate E11 Blaster, with the level of originality, detail and quality you expect from SDS. This is the definitive item, with all the features of the most complicated blaster used in ANH. Including castings from Sterling sub-machine gun parts as used for the original props and personalised with a unique serial number, the blaster is made from lightweight, composite materials so that at just 700g (25oz), trooping all day is no sweat.

The scope, power unit and grip are cast directly from the original. There's fantastic detailing in the internal rifle barrel, barrel vent holes, T-track cooling coils, safety catch, recoil spring, serrated rear sights, targeting sensors and power cylinders, plus removable power pack cartridge.
  • Super-accurate barrel and stock
  • Unique serial number
  • Attention to detail throughout
  • Scope an accurate casting from an original
  • Original Sterling patent numbers clearly visible
  • Removable power pack
  • Weighs just 700g (25oz) – ideal for trooping.
  • Certificate of Authenticity
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SDS - E-11 Blaster Review ( 5 Stars ☆☆☆☆☆ )

This E-11 Blaster is one of the best cosplay investments I have ever made. The quality and aesthetics of the blaster is top notch! I couldn't recommend Shepperton Design Studios enough! I rate this product 5 Stars!

Rhys Forsyth | Castleford, WY | July 2022

The E-11 arrived in record time through FedEx. Richard from Customer Service made the necessary arragements for SDS to be able to ship to Ecuador directly. The blaster is perfect in every way, I am a 501st approved TK and the Blaster was met by my fellow members with awe and amazement. It's very light, excellent quality, awesome detail and great for trooping. I have been to many troopings already and the Blaster held its own. It's an amazing piece of work. I would recommend it to everyone over any other option around the world. Its 501st approved

Javier Villagomez | Ecuador | December 2017

Arrived the day after ordering and was extremely pleased. My original blaster was one I made up and painted myself and this new one really shows it up. The detail is spot on and the small touches like the counter being the model number is a great idea. It's a perfect weight not too light that it feels cheap and not too heavy it weighs you down while walking around or sat in the holster.

Perfect addition.

David Kelly | U.K | May 2017

IT was awesome And IT isnt heavy super coll the only thing lett is PEW PEW PEW

Sander | Norway | January 2017

I am totally impressed with my E11, after much research, I am very pleased with my choice of Original Stormtrooper.com products. The exactness and attention to detail is remarkable. The packaging is 1st rate and the certificate of authenticity is a nice touch. I live almost 1/2 way around the world from Twickenham but I had my E11 in my hands 2 days after I had placed my Order. I would highly recommend Shepperton Studios to anyone and look forward to acquiring a full Stormtrooper kit from them, the helmet is next...

Sturmwolf | Victoria, British Columbia, Canada | June 2015

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Hand Made YES
Product Code S018
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