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(Signature Edition)

Our ready-to-wear armour is expertly made and the most authentic set available. Cast from 'A New Hope' legacy moulds this armour maintains an incredible level of detail. Andrew Ainsworth and his team have used modern thermoplastics and time tested techniques to produce a set of armour that looks great on a mannequin and can be worn for active trooping. 


  • HD Gloss Acrylic Capped ABS
  • Custom fabricated composite material with HD Gloss Acrylic outer layer with a white flexible ABS backing able to withstand the wear and tear of costuming events. So, you get the best performance out of both materials.
  • Strong enough to withstand the rigours of costuming too!
  • Ready-to-wear straight out of the box.
  • Professional ‘popper’ integrated strap system.
  • Accommodates various body dimensions – typically 5’6 to 6’2 (165-185cm) with various builds.
  • Can be adapted for people outside these core dimensions

[HELMET] (Options)

  • Hero Helmet (Signature Edition) (Default)
  • Stunt Helmet (Signature Edition) (Option)
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Display Stand with a serial numbered plaque
  • Hemet Signed by Andrew Ainsworth (inside)

[E11 Collector Edition] (Default)

  • Super-accurate barrel and stock
  • Removeable targeting sensors
  • Unique serial number
  • Attention to detail throughout
  • Scope and accurate casting from an original
  • Original Sterling patent numbers clearly visible
  • Removable power pack
  • Weighs just 700g (25oz) – ideal for trooping.
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Special edition packaging
  • E11 Blaster display stand

[E11 Standard Blaster] (Option)

  • As Above with no E11 Blaster display stand

[E11 Cosplay Edition] (Option)

  • Cosplay safe foam rubber construction
  • Interchangeable Orange and Black barrel end
  • Unique serial number
  • Attention to detail throughout
  • Weighs just 650g – ideal for trooping.
  • Certificate of Authenticity

[E11 Holster] (Option)

  • Real Leather

[BOOTS] (Option)

  • Quality Leather
  • Real Stitch Rand around the boot (not moulded into sole)
  • Composite Leather EVA Sole
  • Very comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible boot sole
  • Perfect for those long days trooping.

[ARMOUR] (Default) (Signature Edition)

  • Shoulder Strap Left
  • Shoulder Strap Right
  • Shoulder Bell Left
  • Shoulder Bell Right
  • Chest + signed by Andrew Ainsworth (inside)
  • Upper Back
  • Abdominal front
  • Abdominal back
  • Bottom
  • Upper Arm Left
  • Upper Arm Right
  • Forearm Left
  • Forearm Right
  • Thigh Left
  • Thigh Right
  • Calf left
  • Calf Right
  • Acrylic Capped Belt + Utility Packs
  • Thermal Detonator with metal clips
  • Gloves with Hand Plates
  • Undersuit (Bodysuit)
  • A fully integrated strap system


(Shipping Box Dimensions)

  • Helmet Box: 33cm x 33cm x 33cm
  • ArmourBox : 58cm x 48cm x 41cm
  • E11 Collector Edition Box: 53cm x 32cm x13cm
  • E11 Standard Blaster Box: 53cm x 32cm x13cm
  • E11 Cosplay Edition Box@(Fits into Armour box)
  • Boots Box: 38cm x 25cm x13cm




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Alejandro Sintes Ruiz de la Escalera from San Lorenzo de El Escorial -

La espera valió la pena.

Tras 5 años o así ahorrando dinero, al fin puedo decir que he cumplido un sueño de infancia. El diseño de los trajes de Stormtrooper siempre me ha fascinado y ahora que puedo contemplar uno delante de mí, me fascina aún más si cabe. El precio es el correcto si se quiere un traje de verdad y no una copia. Y los materiales usados son de primera calidad.

El trato recibido ha sido de 10 durante todo el proceso. En serio de 10.

Lo mejor de todo es haber podido vestir a mi padre con vuestro traje, eso no tiene precio.

También quiero agradecer el código de descuento que me facilitaron.

Una empresa realmente sería y humana que espero perdure en el tiempo, porque ahora mismo creo que son los únicos en el mundo que siguen creando material para Star Wars.

Mi más sincera enhorabuena a SDS.

Piquet Clement from FRANCE -



Je laisse un avis afin de faire part de mon entière satisfaction suite à ma commande passé sur: originalstormtrooper.com

Le produit correspond 100% à mes attentes.

Pour les Fans de Star Wars vous ne pourrez pas être déçu !

Il y a eu une petite inversion sur ma deuxième commande mais qui a tout de suite été rectifiée par la réactivité, le professionnalisme et la communication du service.

Je recommande fortement.

Merci, je suis totalement satisfait !


Mr Piquet

Adrian Varty from Ferryhill -

I bought the original stormtrooper ultimate combo deal a few months ago (after waiting nearly forty years) and when it arrived it was simply staggering. Nothing really compares and I've seen a few other sets of armour. This is guaranteed to draw attention where ever you wear it from the general public to the police and everything else that falls inbetween. Attention to detail is amazing and as such is well worth the outlay. In short treat yourself to the best, take it from me you won't be disappointed.

Michael from United Kingdom -

I purchased this combo deal and it was the best purchase I have made close to ever. I was impressed from the very beginning at the care that was put into protecting the armor and as I unwrapped each piece it kept getting better. This armor is wearable straight out of the box minus the shoes and easier to put on than any other trooper armor I have seen.

I was speechless when I put it on, and I knew it wasn't just me when I left the hotel room for the 2016 Dallas Comic Con and had roughly 116 pictures taken of me before I even walked through the convention center door. Over the course of the 3 day convention I had easily over 1500 plus pictures taken of me in this armor, I even made it into 2 wedding photo shoots that were being held at the hotel. If you are wondering weather you should buy this armor or somebody else's armor, Go no further, just buy this one and know that you just bought the best in the market. I am 6 feet tall exactly and weigh about 195 and this armor fit perfectly. You can see that it easily could be adjusted to somebody taller or shorter due to the placement of the adjustment straps.

To Andrew and Shepperton Studios, hats off to you, this was amazing work and thank you for build me such a fine piece of Star Wars history.


Product Code S0053U
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