Stormtrooper Battle Spec Armour & Helmet Combo Deal
Stormtrooper Battle Spec Armour & Helmet Combo Deal
Stormtrooper Battle Spec Armour & Helmet Combo Deal
Stormtrooper Battle Spec Armour & Helmet Combo Deal
Stormtrooper Battle Spec Armour & Helmet Combo Deal

Stormtrooper Battle Spec Armour & Helmet Combo Deal

Product code: SCA003



This ready-to-wear armour has been specifically developed for costuming. Cast from modified moulds the armour conforms to the body whilst maintaining an incredible level of original detail. Andrew Ainsworth and his team have used modern thermoplastics and time tested techniques to produce a set of armour that flexes and is light enough to wear all day. The surface finish is less likely to scuff and can be cleaned/maintained without compromising the appearance of the armour. 

Included in the Combo Deal:
  • Original Stormtrooper Battle Spec Armour & Helmet Combo
  • Neck Seal
  • New Glossier ABS Material
  • Thermal Detonator now with metal clips
  • Armour & Helmet +Neck Seal (white boots not included)
  • Fabricated in white flexible ABS to withstand the wear and tear of costuming events.
  • Strong enough to withstand the rigours of costuming too!
  • Ready-to-wear straight out of the box
  • Professional ‘popper’ integrated strap system
  • Black body suit, gloves and hand armour included 
  • Accommodates various body dimensions – typically 5’6 to 6’2 (165-185cm) with various builds.
  • Can be adapted for people outside these core dimensions.
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Rasmus Jensen from Denmark. -
After 2 years of looking around the internet and saving up for an armor I finally found a place to buy it. The armor itself is nothing but immaculate. I bought the battle spec, and that looks pretty neat. I can only imagine what the luxury arrmor looks like. The helmet is also neat. Covered with nice details this is the icing on the cake when you have all the armor attached to your body. Be wary that some parts may come of. The velcro on the right thigh and both the top straps on the the back armor came off. But a little super glue can fix that. All in all I am pretty happy with my buy and will definitely buy from SDS again. Cheers SDS. TK-6551 signing out.
Dru from Calgary Alberta Canada -
To start - thanks to Richard and everyone at SDS!!!!

I wanted a suit for quite some time and did a lot of research online after going to a costume shop and seeing what was being passed off as an "Authentic" Stormtrooper costume. In the end, SDS was the best bang for the buck, so I settled on the Mega Combo Battle Spec. Unfortunately living in Canada, the exchange on our dollar was about half the British Pound, so I went not with the most expensive (more on that in a minute). Also, we were two weeks away from Halloween so I was worried about receiving it in time for an office party that I planned on wearing it to. Richard assured me that SDS could deliver, so I committed.
I noticed that the price for shipping was high, but nonetheless paid it. After receiving the 2 packages express straight to my door and under 7 days, I was no longer worried or unhappy why the shipping was what it was. SDS packages the suit and the E11 separately in the most professional manner I have ever seen!!
Instantly turning into a 7 year old, I raced into the house and set to opening my new prize. I think SDS knows how much Star Wars fans love this type of stuff, so they package it so that it is as much fun opening it as receiving it!!!!!
IF anyone worries about receiving their suit in anything short of pristine, fear not, because SDS uses more bubble wrap than legally allowed in most countries.
The only hiccup I had was that my helmet was a little wrapped after unwrapping it from the box. After talking with SDS and finding out that the helmet was cast and assembled soon before it was shipped and then finding out it went from UK to Memphis Tenn USA to Calgary AB Canada within 24 to 48 hours, I think the temperature change played havoc with it. Fear not, give the helmet some time to reshape back to its original form, and all was good. You may need to trim the rubber brow a touch once it settles, but that is minor. You'll notice some imperfections in the helmet, but that is due to the fact that the model was hand made back in the 70's, so computer generated molds weren't available. But that is what makes it!!!
The fit is excellent, but I am 5'10" and 180, the body suit and gloves are great and the armour and straps / Velcro are superbly assembled. E11 and holster are probably my favorite pieces, but I'll let you see for yourselves when you get yours!!

Thanks again SDS


Martin from Ayr, Scotland -
My wife bought me the Battle Spec Armour for a present, when it arrived (2 days after ordering!!! Amazing!) it was packaged very well and when I started unwrapping the parts I was very impressed with the high quality of every single piece. Each with it's colour coding and poppers and straps. I am 6'1" and the fit with adjustments to the straps is excellent. my son is 5'7" and fits him too. Overall this is a top buy for any Star Wars fan. I would like to thank Andrew and the team and ultimately my wife for purchasing it and making my dream come true.
Sarah W from Bourne End -
Bought this for my husband for his birthday and he absolutely loved it - after years of wanting a Stormtrooper costume, safe to say he was very happy.

The armour fits him very well thanks to the velcro straps and has lasted well at a few parties so far, easy to keep clean with a cloth and soapy water. Very happy with the quality of it all, well made, easy to assemble and take off - even after a few drinks.

Thank you again Andrew for helping to make my husband's childhood dream come true!
Code SCA003
Weight 25kg