Stormtrooper Battle Spec Armour & Helmet Mega Combo Deal
Stormtrooper Battle Spec Armour & Helmet Mega Combo Deal
Stormtrooper Battle Spec Armour & Helmet Mega Combo Deal
Stormtrooper Battle Spec Armour & Helmet Mega Combo Deal
Stormtrooper Battle Spec Armour & Helmet Mega Combo Deal

Stormtrooper Battle Spec Armour & Helmet Mega Combo Deal

Product code: SCA004



This ready-to-wear armour has been specifically developed for costuming. Cast from modified moulds the armour conforms to the body whilst maintaining an incredible level of original detail. Andrew Ainsworth and his team have used modern thermoplastics and time tested techniques to produce a set of armour that flexes and is light enough to wear all day. The surface finish is less likely to scuff and can be cleaned/maintained without compromising the appearance of the armour. 

Included in the Mega Combo Deal*:
  • Original Stormtrooper Battle Spec Armour & Helmet Combo
  • Neck Seal
  • E11 Cosplay Edition (upgradeable in options above)
  • E11 Blaster Holster
*Boots can be added in options above to for £100 a saving of £50
  • New Glossier ABS Material
  • Thermal Detonator now with metal clips
  • Armour & Helmet E11, Holster, Neck Seal the complete trooper set.
  • Fabricated in white flexible ABS to withstand the wear and tear of costuming events.
  • Strong enough to withstand the rigours of costuming too!
  • Ready-to-wear straight out of the box
  • Professional ‘popper’ integrated strap system
  • Black body suit, gloves and hand armour included 
  • Accommodates various body dimensions – typically 5’6 to 6’2 (165-185cm) with various builds.
  • Can be adapted for people outside these core dimensions.
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Nick from UK -
I have just been to Comicon in Antwerp in Belgium. I am from the UK but I am presently working in Brussels. The costume is absolutely awesome. The reaction at Comicon and when I left the event and walked around Antwerp was fantastic. I was literally mobbed for photos ! It is the best money I have ever spent and I am looking forward to me next event for sure!
Dave from U.K. -
It took a while for me to choose what armour to purchase and this ticked every box. Authentic, extremely reasonable, no making up myself and all straps per glued and included. Once it arrived I was not disappointed, i was like a child on Christmas. I was amazed at the quality for the price and a perfect fit (I'm 5,11). It was easy to put on with the instructions and feels extremely robust and sturdy as it's ABS not PVC.
I had a number of conversations with their customer services department (Richard) who talked me through the spec and I've never come across a more helpful person.

All in all I'm very happy with it
Nicolai Haase from Denmark -
This is the best solution if you don´t want to pay for the original.
The quality is very good. But the helmet is not so good again. The rubber at were you take your head in, is not so well placed, and the membrane for the eyes are really loose. but it looks great.
It was very funny and interesting to take on the armour. It fitted fine, or it could´nt close the legs but that´s only because I have big legs.
When I took it off, the upperstraps on the chest/bag were a little loose.
But the armour is really great and worthy to buy.

The gun: The box is very cool. The gun is very awesome, but if you have a great look you can see that it don´t look like it is finish trimmed.
But it is the money worthy.

The neckseal: My neckseal were not in the package, and still waiting for it.

Buy the armour for your own best.
Thanks SDS
Code SCA004
Weight 35kg